Craftplus® Rotary Punch


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Award winning high performance rotary punch. Punches heavyweight leather with ease. Creates meticulous holes in various materials for stitching, lacing, hardware and more. Designed for leather, fabric, webbing, cardboard & similar materials in high production environments. 

  • Forged steel frame with over molded ergonomic grips, reduce fatigue and boosts your productivity.
  • Rapid size change tube carousel.
  • Removable copper anvil.
  • Allen wrench included.
  • Tube sizes: 2.0mm (5/64"), 2.5mm (3/32"), 3.0mm (1/8"), 3.5mm (9/64"), 4.0mm (5/32") and 5.0mm (3/16"). 1.5mm (1/16") replacement tube sold separately. 
  • 3291 Series Craftplus® rotary punch tubes recommended.
  • 3292-00 Copper Anvil, 3293-00 Handle Spring and 3294-00 Tube Lock Spring recommended.
  • New anvils require conditioning to achieve best punch. Grip the back of the handle and squeeze down hard. Inspect the anvil for a full round mark imprint on the surface. Repeat this step a few times to ensure proper break in between cutting tube and anvil. Rotate the tube carousel and break in each tube size. If the anvil is not mated to the tubes properly, the punch will not cut the material well thus creating frayed or torn holes.
  • 2019 Muse Design Award & 2019 IDA Design Award winner.
  • Patent pending.

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